A Six Figure Income... How To Get More
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Instant Profits Marketing!

How To Use Little - Known, Advertising And Selling Secrets Your Accountant, Advertising Agency Or Sales Manager Can't (Or Won't) Tell You!

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Discover How To Get INSTANT Results And Profits Using The Most Successful, Proven And Guaranteed Marketing System Ever Revealed! Read This Report, And You'll Discover Incredibly Simple Ways To Get All Of Your Prospects To Come To You... And Your Customers To Come Back To Buy From You Over And Over Again!

Dear Friend:

Since you're reading my words here, I know you're interested in learning about how to instantly Explode Your Income Using Our "Instant Profits Advertising" Method!

If you're tired of your advertising dollars being wasted on marketing that doesn't make money INSTANTLY, the answer to your prayers is finally here! It's called, "101 Secrets To A Six Figure Income... How To Get More Customers, Clients Or Patients In A Month Than You Now Get All Year!"

Please read this report all the way through as it could easily be the most important thing you've read in along time! After all, with all the craziness in the economy, what could be more critical to your business than knowing how to use advertising that actually brings in a flood of customers and profits instantly?

Discover How To Double Or Even Triple Your Profits By Using The Best Kept Secret Of Marketing... That Not One In A Thousand Business Owners Knows About!

Our Remarkable Advertising Lessons Allow You To Easily And Quickly Use The Little Understood Psychology Of Human Behavior To Create INSTANT PROFITS Hidden In Your Business!

Let's be honest. The sad truth is that most business owners struggle to make money...when making piles of obscene, but perfectly legal and ethical profits can be as easy as falling off a log!

It's a shame that so many hard working business owners leave a mountain of profits hidden, buried deep within their businesses, because they don't understand the real forces behind human psychology and behavior. You follow the conventional path that you've been led down and wonder why your sales and profits are so much less than they could, and should be.

What Makes Some Advertising Work... And Others Suck?

See, people are motivated to make buying decisions by the brain's internal communication system. Some things you see being advertised force you to ignore them with great vigor. Yet other ads cause you to want to buy, NOW! What's the difference?

Why do some advertising and selling messages create an irresistible buying urge, and others create absolutely no interest? Why do some sales pitches turn you off, and others excite you? Why do you buy some items based on price... and others based on quality, regardless of price?

Well, the answer to these questions is simple. The ads that work, flow within the already existing behavior code of the human mind. The ads that suck fall outside of the basic nature born within all of us. If this sounds like pure common sense, you're right. But, as sensible as it sounds, it's almost impossible to find anyone who can teach you how to tap into the brain's buying code. That is…until now.

Missing Link Revealed! The Mental Code That Causes Buying Decisions Finally Cracked!

Many people say I am the nation's leading, plain talking expert in human psychology as it relates to buying decisions.

As I say so often,

"It simply amazes me how many business owners feel frustrated, working their butts off,only to make a living instead of a fortune. Why should anyone own a business if they aren't going to make a fortune? If you want to make a living, there's easier ways to do it than from sweating, living, breathing and drinking the details of your business.

If you want to achieve superior results and profits…you just have to have the key to the code of human buying behavior. You have to have the missing link of selling, to uncover maximum profits with minimum effort!

The pile of crap being passed off as "marketing" and "selling" instruction and advice is a joke. It causes you to promote what YOU want people to want…instead of what they ALREADY want from the programmed code contained in their brains! If you want to make ridiculously large profits as easy, quickly and cheaply as possible, you just have to have the key to this code shown to you!

$20,000,000 In Sales Of High Priced Products Sold From A 412 Sq. Foot Room Over A Garage!

You may already know who I am. You may have seen my infomercials, read my books or articles written about me, attended my Bootcamps or heard me being interviewed. You may have heard how I took a failing business, deeply buried under the crushing weight of a hundred grand in credit card debt….and turned it into an enterprise that sold more than $25,000,000.00 worth of very high priced products strictly through direct mail, from a tiny room over my garage.

I'm the guy who sells $6,000.00 sets of golf clubs, sight unseen, through a 24 page direct mail sales letter with no pictures or endorsements from golf pros! I've sold millions of dollars of expensive training courses costing as much as ten times more than competitive products! I'm the guy who's taught dozens of specialists in various industries how to sell direct marketing training to the professionals in those industries.

My model for direct marketing has been the inspiration for some of the greatest success stories out there today. I have learned at the foot of the masters like Dan Kennedy…and gone on to develop a whole new way of teaching folks how to duplicate my success for themselves. I have taught over 13,400 business owners the art of what I call "Emotional Response Direct Marketing And Selling".

Now, you have a chance to get our best selling program at reduced prices because the special promotion we're having to help business owners get the money out of their business they deserve!

Learn How Natural Human Psychology And Behavior Will Make You Much Richer Than You Are Now…While Working Less And Having More Fun!

Here's the deal. I've consolidated my businesses and have some extra inventory I'd be willing to sell at ridiculously low prices as long as they last. Once these specially priced, best selling programs are gone, however, they're gone. Waiting is not a good thing to do here. Especially because my insight and simple way of teaching you to become an expert in the science of buying psychology simply isn't available anywhere else! You simply must take advantage of this limited time offer so you know:

  • The secret source of emotional response headlines and bullets that attract customers like flies to honey! (Hint- You will NEVER learn about this most important marketing fundamentals from ad agency people or ad reps. I assure you they haven't a clue about advertising that actually sells stuff instantly!)

  • What the secrets "suck 'em in" copy are….and how to easily use them for yourself! (It's so amazingly easy, you'll be shocked you haven't figured it out for yourself!)

  • How to exclusively get prospects that are: MotivatedQualifiedInterested andReady To Do Business With You NOW!

  • How to solve all your sales and cash flow problems INSTANTLY by using human psychology to your advantage because your advertising will actually work and bring in more money than it costs!

  • What the REAL secret of targeting your prospects is, and why most so-called "target" marketing is anything but targeted!

  • A fill-in-the blank, paint by numbers formula that anyone can use to attract high quality customers who want to buy from you even if you're nowhere near the cheapest in your market…even if you suck at writing copy! (hint- This ONE SECRET alone is worth more money than all the gold in Fort Knox!)

  • Why so many marketers blow it with the approaches they use! (Hint- You're violating many non-changeable rules of human behavior so badly that you have no chance of making a sale!)

  • How you and your salespeople will sell more than you ever have... without using any objection handling tricks, pressure or hard selling closes! (Hint- Everything you've been taught about selling is based on flawed premises about psychology and hence…doesn't work!)

  • The biggest mistake almost all business owners make with their Yellow Pages advertising that once fixed, will triple the responses you get from your Yellow Pages ads! (P.S. Your Yellow Pages ad rep does not have a clue about REAL ADVERTISING that actually pulls responses! This one item alone will pay for the entire cost of our system many times over once you have Yellow Pages ads that actually bring in more money each month than they cost to run!)

  • The marketing sequence that MUST be followed if you want to maximize responses and sales! (Hint-Skip even ONE step of this sequence, and be sure to fall flat on your face!)

  • How to get started from square one…even if you know nothing about human nature and what makes people respond!

  • The truth about pricing! How to get people to enthusiastically pay you double or triple (or even more) than your competitors charge! (Imagine how much more money you'd make if you could charge over twice what you're charging now!)

  • Why the myth of being "competitive" is all a bunch of crap! (Learn how to market into the flow of human nature, and you'll never have any competition or be forced into a "price" seller! You'll OWN YOUR MARKET! By the way, selling as "lowest price" virtually insures your business will always suck. You should NEVER sell based on price. Live by "price", and die by "price".)

  • The biggest mistakes people make in their advertising and how to fix these miserable and deadly mistakes!

  • Why you're likely leaving a fortune in Hidden Profits laying on the table, allowing your competition to steal money that rightfully belongs to YOU! (This mistake is the single biggest cause of business failure and frustration, yet almost no one does the ridiculously simple technique that instantly eliminates this disaster from occurring!

  • Why most businesses miss out on the biggest and easiest to get pool of profits... and what to do about this hideous error!

  • Why the business formula 99.9% of all businesses use is completely backwards, and guaranteed to cause frustration and making less money than you deserve! (Hint - You'll be shocked at what the right formula is, how simple it is to do... and how you'll make infinitely more money when using it!)

  • And lots, lots more!

Listen To What Some Of Jeff's Customers Say About His INSTANT PROFITS Marketing Systems:

"Getting involved with your course was the single best investment I've ever made. To this day (over 2 years later), I still use your course every week. The results of studying your material? I gross between $30-$ 60,000 a month with my product. My previous career had some things that were wonderful and great about it but quite honestly it's like night and Day compared to what I'm doing now- I'm doing what I want to do, how I want to do it, and I really am my own boss. My time really belongs to me. I'm really having a ball, it's a lot of fun! I feel a deep sense of gratitude to you. Thank you so very much for your help!" 
- Mike C. Decatur, GA.

"I've already made over $80,000 a month using Jeff's information that I guesstimate will catapult my sales to over $100,000 in the next couple months. I highly recommendANYONE interested in making NOT just a 'good living', but making MEGA-MONEY get Jeff's stuff... I challenge someone to be able to sit down with this course and not make $10 - $20,000 in a month!"
-Ben C., Victor, NY

"Thank you! First for your outstanding program. The money I have made as a result of it is allowing my wife and I to buy our first home! Many companies pay lip service to customer service but you actually follow through and do MORE than is expected" 
- David P. Alpharetta, GA.

"In a world of self-serving, self-appointed, know it all marketing gurus, it was extremely tough for me to believe one over the other, not to mention (but I will) how much money I spent testing their methods. Failure after failure, each new marketing course was more disappointing than the previous. After first purchasing Jeff's program, I left it on the shelf for about 6 months. Then I read it, along with the newsletters I got. It made sense. I ran an ad in a local "Penny-Saver" type paper for dirt cheap. To make a long story longer, I received a total of about 200 leads... I made 12 to 15 appointments a week for about 8 weeks and made a little over $72,000. Since January, I've averaged about $10,000/mo. working 20 hours a week. Yes, I'm lazy and $10,000/mo. suits me just fine! Thanks Jeff!"
- Michael N. - CT

"Jeff Paul is probably the best marketing company of ANY KIND that I've dealt with... all the information and help I've gotten to start a full fledged business and be making money is awesome. I've had several profitable business's in the past, but nothing like this. I only wish Jeff was around 15 years ago before I wasted my time going to college."
Jim F., Schaumburg, IL.

"Without Jeff Paul, we probably would be either out of business or miserable. Thanks again for all of your help, guidance and marketing support!" 
- Brian B.- CT

"I already have a successful business. Jeff Paul's 'type' of marketing has increased the effectiveness of my direct marketing dramatically. Everything is worth 10 times what I've paid for it!" 
- Al W., Schaumburg, IL.

No Theories. No Conventional Crap That Doesn't Work.

How's that for some real world proof that this human behavior and psychology WORKS? These are only a fraction of the literally hundreds and hundreds of testimonials we have on file. Why do people give us such great endorsements? Well, because what we teach actually works in the toughest battlefield on the planet... the marketplace!

See, what we teach you about human behavior and how people really think…is based on years of proof and millions of dollars in sales. These aren't guesses, theories, or things that we think should work.

No. What you're going to learn are techniques and methods that make so much sense after you hear about them that you'll slap yourself upside the head when you hear them…and that also have the added benefit of bringing in mountains of profits as easily as taking candy from a baby! EVERYTHING you'll get from us will be focused directly on your being able to tap into the subconscious response mechanisms hidden deeply inside the brain…so you can uncover the hidden profits hidden deeply inside your business!

As a business owner/professional or sales person you know your products and services cold. Yet, you still experience the painful frustration of not having enough qualified prospects, customers or clients dependably and predictably flow into your business …month in, month out. Right? The sad truth is that being good at what you do isn't even close to good enough. Nope. If you want to achieve the extraordinary profits you deserve to make for all your hard work, you have to face the ultimate reality that…

Even The Greatest Business Person Will Go Broke Without A Constant Stream Of Qualified, Interested Prospects And Customers!

Yes, you'd like it to be true that being the best at what you do, would assure a successful and wildly profitable business. As you now know, being excellent at what you do is only half the battle. The other half of the battle is not negotiable in order to make the kind of money you should be making. And the truth is:

Being A Marketing Expert Is MORE Important Than Being An Expert In Your Field Of Business!

Let's face some harsh realities here. The world doesn't care whether or not you're the best at what you do. Business owners, sales people and professionals have to face a fact that makes most of them sick: Without any question, the most important knowledge you need is not about your product or service,

IT IS ABOUT MARKETING, PROSPECTING AND ADVERTISING!! Having great products or services is worthless without lots of customers, clients or patients!

The reality that all business owners and sales people must face is that people are not forced to seek you out. Therefore getting customers or clients is the most frustrating aspect in your life. And, in real life, it's often the best marketer who wins, not the best qualified business! You can never delude yourself into thinking that because you are good, that you will automatically make lots of money. The streets are littered with the remains of smart, ethical and clever business professionals who never figured out…

How To Get Continuous River of Qualified, Interested, Motivated Clients And Customers Flowing In Front Of Them Every Day!

Everyone would love a magic potion that would produce those elusive customers or clients who have sought you out, and who have money ready to spend. Since that doesn't exist, we've created a remarkable marketing company that shows you how to create what we callINSTANT PROFITS, EMOTIONAL RESPONSE MARKETING!

This simple and inexpensive system generates responses, not an image! These techniques took my firm from being buried in debt and almost out of business, to over $1,500,000 in revenue only two years later! But that's not what's important.

What's important is that we've taught over 13,000 business owners and sales people how to end their frustrations.. and use these amazing techniques to attract more business in a month than they used to get in a year!

The Business Explosion Formula!
The REAL Way To Make Big Profits!

Here's the advertising cycle that must exist to reach a big income: Emotional response oriented marketing gets instant clients and customers, who will refer, which builds cash flow to do more emotional response oriented marketing, which gets more customers and clients, who refer more clients...and so on! EMOTIONAL RESPONSE, INSTANT PROFITS MARKETING BUILDS YOUR BUSINESS, AND REFERRALS IGNITE THE FUSE TO EXPLODE YOUR INCOME!!

Now, Here Is A Detailed Description Of Everything You Get In Our System:

"INSTANT PROFITS - 101 Secrets To A Six Figure Income... How To Get More Customers, Clients Or Patients In A Month Than You Now Get All Year!"

Member Benefit Number 1: "101 Secrets To A Six Figure Income, Emotional Marketing And Prospecting Manual - How To Get More Clients, Customers And Patients In A Month, Than You Now Get All Year!" (VALUE - $497.00)

This very thick, 353 page manual is the core of the information you'll receive for your membership. The manual walks you through all the different and mostly unused and unheard of ways to:

Get interested, qualified leads, prospects, customers and referrals to come to you with a marketing machine that never stops, never sleeps, and that is ALWAYS bringing you fresh new sales and INSTANT PROFITS!

And, of course, little known ways to get referrals from clients and other professionals,without the "traditional" begging and pushing!

It is a massive collection of all the marketing secrets we've already talked about, set up for you to begin implementing your new marketing and selling strategies, immediately! Yes, there are actually 101 Secrets, "ethical tricks", strategies and methods that I've taught to thousands of business owners, professionals and sales people in the past few years.

I have designed these 101 Secrets to work in any and every prospecting/marketing situation and business. Of course, you may not use all 101. But you will use a lot of them. By the way, this Manual is not just "information". It's full of actual examples of every imaginable "tools" you can use. Ads, letters, postcards, reports, and much more -- including examples that have performed unbelievably well.

You'll have dozens of emotional response ad headlines and copy, ready for you to customize and place instantly! You'll finally, finally have advertising secrets to use that actually work! You'll have the little known methods of advertising that actually gets the phone to ring, gets people in your establishment, gets prospects to respond, gets customers to keep coming back to you to buy over and over again! You'll stop wasting money on crappy advertising that does little more than "get your name out there"…but instead, gets INSTANT RESPONSES so you can make INSTANT PROFITS!

(By the way, where I live, name recognition and a nickel will buy you a stick of gum. You don't need to "get your name out there'. You need people to respond to your advertising NOW, and to make sales NOW. Let the idiots at the ad agencies, newspapers, Yellow Pages, etc. waste their money on image advertising. YOU, will only be running advertising that get responses and brings in money quickly! Which would you rather have: 1. An "image and name recognition", or, 2. Money flowing into your bank account so fast you'll have a hard time keeping track of it because your advertising brings in so many responses?)

Plus, if it fits your business, you'll have a state of the art way of using the telephone to prospect, that no one else will ever teach you! (No more cold calls! EVER!) You'll have the secrets of making appointments and sales without having to "close" or "push" people who don't want to meet you! Learn how to only spend time talking with people who are interested and excited about talking to you!

You'll know all the income producing secrets that are virtually unknown in the business world. You'll have the rare opportunity to discover just how lucrative and fun your business can be...when you learn to abandon all the useless crap we're taught! You'll be able to have people buy products and services...with the clients and customers thinking it was their idea!

No more "selling"! No more "closing"! No more "pushing"! No more "pressure"! No more "rejection!" No more "frustration"! No more "desperation"! No more "embarrassment"! No more wasted money on advertising that merely "gets your name out there"! Now you'll know what to do about the biggest problem we have in this industry. The fact that:

Even The Greatest Sales Person Or Business Owner In The World Will Be Broke Without A Constant Stream Of New Clients And Customers And Sales!!!

Right? And when you join our system, you'll never have to say, "I really know my stuff! If I could only get more people to respond to my advertising, I'd be fine!" Won't that be nice?

Believe me, the biggest complaint we get is that there is so much stuff in the "101 Secrets", new members are overwhelmed by the array of specific solutions to the problems you face. But, as they say on the Ginsu knife commercial, that's not even close to being all of the system!


A lot of our members tell us they love the "101 Secrets" Manual and read and study it like it was a marketing bible. But, they also told us they love to get reinforcement, especially when they're in the car or an airplane, sitting around wasting valuable learning time.

So, I listened to you, and you'll now be able to listen to me! As a member, you'll get the "101 SECRETS TO A SIX FIGURE INCOME - HOW TO GET MORE CLIENTS IN A MONTH THAN YOU NOW GET ALL YEAR - THE AUDIO TAPES"! I personally coach you in applying these Secrets, answer questions, and give true-life examples of these Secrets in action with a series of audio tapes! Now you can make profitable use of dead time going to appointments, or driving to the mall, while sitting in planes with a portable cassette player, even while working out! This is called repetitive spaced learning.

I've learned it takes several times before all the concepts can become a natural part of your thought process and your psychological make up. These tapes will make that process simple, so you can speed it up, and be a Marketing Maniac! These tapes are just like sitting down with me for about four hours and having me take you through this new approach to marketing, from beginning to end, A to Z.


Member Benefit Number 3: The "MIRACLE OF RECORDED MESSAGES" MANUAL! (VALUE - $99.00)

This little baby is so amazing, and is not available anywhere else except as a member of the INSTANT PROFITS system! In this fascination little book, you're going to learn a marketing secret that literally not one in ten thousand business owners, companies or organizations has ever heard about!

But YOU will be clued in on the most remarkable marketing technique ever developed. The "Miracle Of Recorded Messages" is a step by step guide to the proper use of recorded messages to EXPLODE your profits in ways that you cannot do in any other way!

You cannot duplicate the huge waves of cash that roll in when recorded messages are used correctly. You cannot duplicate them on the internet, even though all the nit-wits who work on internet stuff tell you that it is THE best marketing medium ever invented. This is not true. The internet IS a great marketing medium, but it's just not anything close to being the "best" marketing tool. (I'll explain about our INSTANT PROFITS internet marketing manual of on-line marketing that actually works in a minute.)

I have to admit though, that direct response recorded messages ARE the best marketing medium I've ever used. Ever. Now YOU will learn all my insider's secret methods of turning little recorded messages into piles of money coming into your life every day!

But wait, there's more! Here are the values of all this:

My 101 SECRETS MANUALS AND TAPES have sold thousands of sets for prices as high as $697. In total, this System-package carries a value of $1,677!

As you'll see on the enclosed "green" Enrollment Form your investment is substantially less. Why? Because I have set a goal to break my own individual record, having helped 13,400 in the last four and half years.

We have set our sights on having 100,000 successful users of our new, Ultimate System in just 24 months. In order to do that fast, we both agree we MUST offer people a truly"smokin' deal." And we've done just that.

But that's not all! That's why I've set up this little deadline. If you respond within 45 days, you'll get several FREE GIFTS! So, if you enroll in the program before 45 days from today, you'll also receive the following FREE gifts:


Nothing you'll ever learn about Emotional Direct Marketing is as important as writing copy that sells people on doing whatever it is you want them to do! But, it's literally impossible to get training in this critical skill that anyone can learn, once taught. You CANNOT learn this in school or college. You CANNOT learn this working with 99.9% of "advertising" agencies and "experts".

So, we used to hold two hour long copywriting training classes, and have had them audio taped. These classes, called, "Killer Copywriting Secrets of The Old Time Masters Rediscovered - How To Write Copy So Good You Could Sell Sand In The Desert!", sold for $395 for the two hour plus session.

As a member, you get the complete set of the audio tapes, plus all the handouts we use to teach the class…FREE! (These handouts alone are worth the entire cost of the membership alone! They'll GIVE you the secrets of writing copy, and samples that you can use as models, making writing killer advertising copy as easy as pie!)

In this class, I show students previously unreleased secrets of writing advertising copy that can sell anything…even sand in the desert! I use a sequenced formula that'll teach you each and every step of writing copy that sells! Plus I use real ads of my own and other top copywriters as examples, illustrations and samples to walk you through the formula!

(I will teach you the inside secrets of writing killer copy that the old time masters of direct response copywriting knew decades ago, but that NO ONE knows or remembers any more! Getting this insight the way I teach it to you, by getting into the tiny details no one else even knows or understands, let alone explain to anyone…is truly an experience you won't get anywhere else! We GUARANTEE you will never learn these simple and easily duplicable "insider only" methods of writing money getting advertising from anyone at any price! My insights into human behavior and the psychology of buying tied into writing copy that already flows with human nature is totally unique! It's literally the only game in town!)

Many of the ads I show you are more than 100 years old, and some are as recent as a year ago. (I also reveal my shortcut for writing copy that even the worst writer can use to instantly become as good at writing advertising as the top paid professionals!)

In this class on tape, you'll learn:


How to write headlines that'll stop prospects dead in their tracks!


The best words to use in headlines and copy that have been proven to sell like crazy!


The biggest mistakes people make when writing...and how to avoid them!


The single most important element that MUST be in your copy...or your efforts are sure to fail! (And that's missing from virtually everyone's advertising/promotional materials!


How to turn ALL your communication with prospects and current customers into KILLER COPY that ethically sucks money into your pockets like a giant vacuum cleaner!


The secret of 100 year old advertising that still needs to be in everything you do, or you can forget getting results!


How to model proven templates that you can plug your own info into, that will bring results with little or no work on your part!


Dozens of "insider only" tricks and secrets that add incredible pulling power to your marketing…which you will never hear or learn from anyone else! (Hint- When you learn these secrets, you'll smile, slap yourself upside the head for not having realized or thought of them yourself!) And much more!

This benefit is so important, you will see a dramatic rise in business the minute you start using true direct response copy!


I have had the privilege of working with Bill Brooks, who I think has invented the most powerful selling technology we've ever seen: IMPACT selling! Bill is a prolific author, speaker, and sales trainer who deals with the reality of selling, not the "supposed to be's" of selling. He was a CEO of a corporation managing 3,500 sales people, a military officer, and a highly successful football coach. He has written four books for national publishers like Prentice-Hall, and Business One Irwin, produced scores of audio and video tapes, and run numerous corporate training programs, all on selling!

He has been a paid trainer for over 2,500 meetings, and has a corporate list of clients that reads like a Fortune 500 roster. Companies like MetLife, Arthur Andersen, National Football League Players Association, The Principal Financial Group, Million Dollar Round Table, Nationwide Insurance, Hewlett Packard, General Motors, Paul Revere, and on and on and on! In other words, he is a true professor of selling! Let me tell you why so many big companies have hired Bill to teach their sales forces.

Because Bill teaches you how to make appointments and sell, with his amazing customer driven niche selling system, called IMPACT! No more hardball selling, slick objection handling, or tired canned trickery!

See, Bill teaches you to use a system to make appointments and sell. A system that builds a visual sales roadmap for you, so you know exactly where you are in every appointment making attempt and selling situation.

Bill calls his system, IMPACT. Which stands for:

I Investigate
M Meet
P Probe
A Apply
C Convince
T Tie Up The Sale

Most salespeople have trouble making appointments and selling because they are operating in a vacuum. They don't truly have the answers to these three critical questions:

  1. What the prospect wants?
  2. When the prospect will buy??
  3. Under what conditions the prospect will buy???

More importantly, they don't have a "system" to make each appointment making attempt and selling situation run like an assembly line. They are out there freelancing each contact, based on their own personality traits, and their needs to make appointments and sell something. Bill will explain how the six step IMPACT sales system teaches you how to:


Systematically move through the entire sales sequence, so that all the objection handling, canned responses, pushy power phrases, and so on; are totally unnecessary!


Learn how to make each appointment, meeting, and sales call move through a predictable and mutually beneficial process; the same as a doctor does when diagnosing an illness.


Stop winging each attempt to make an appointment or sell. You'll have an unshakable track to follow, just like a train moving from point A to point B.


Never skip a step in the appointment making or selling sequence. Always move from one step to the next in a non-threatening partnership with the prospect.


Never move to the next step until the previous step is completed from the prospect's point of view. You'll always be sure that you and the prospect are on the same wavelength.


Identify the four distinct personality types, both yours, and the prospects; and then adjust your sales approach accordingly. Now, you'll always be able to create comfort and harmony so that the prospect is INTERNALLY MOTIVATED TO WANT TO LISTEN WITH AN OPEN MIND! (Because you've systematically found out which path the prospect wants to drive on!)


Provide you with a visual roadmap of every appointment, meeting or sale, so you can see exactly where you are in the sales process every time!


Teach you the listening, diagnostic, consultative, partnership building skills necessary to close without gimmicks, hard-sell tactics or that nauseating depression that comes from pushing and begging!


Stop wasting your time with lousy prospects. Learn how to identify which leads are real, and which ones are a total waste of time!


Identify the signals that tell you when someone is ready to move, as opposed to when they are only mildly curious. Never again waste your time trying to move them when they aren't ready to! Spend your time solely with people who are ready, and maximize every second of selling time! And much much, more!

This taped interview will open your eyes to a new technology of selling, and is worth the entire price of the course, in my humble opinion...and it's FREE! Why shouldn't you be the top achiever?


This little gem is actually so valuable, it's hard to explain it in words, but I'll try. See, a couple years ago, I was working on a copywriting assignment for a client and being that I can be disorganized, decided to consolidate ALL of my copywriting secrets and techniques into a "brief" checklist, so I could refer to it with every single piece of material I produce for myself and clients.

As I started the project, I brought it to a handful of my most trusted peers, the few people I know who can write copy so good…they can sell sand in the desert… and told them I'd let them have the finished version for free if they'd throw their two cents in, and revise, edit and suggest items to the checklist. (I'm talking about world class copywriters I hang with, people who sell millions of dollars worth of stuff through direct marketing!)

Anyway, by the time they got done with it, and I finalized it, (a project that took a couple of months to complete) it ended up being the most amazing thing any of us had ever seen! None of us had ever used or been exposed to such a comprehensive, all inclusive, "cheat-sheet" that covers EVERYTHING anyone could ever think of to put into any direct response marketing, whether on line, in print, or on the air! Anyway, this "brief" checklist turned into….


And being that it is really the insiders' tool of all insiders' tools - the way to make sure us highest paid, professional direct response copywriters/consultants get everything, and forget nothing when designing materials to sell stuff - I had never shown it to anyone except my buddies who helped me finish it! There was no reason to share this with anyone. After all, the combined experience, and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products and services sold by the group who worked on it, cost all of us so much time, money, blood, sweat and tears to acquire…that we selfishly felt like we should keep this to ourselves and let other folks figure it out on their own!

Then, one of my clients asked me how I really get so much consistency and success with my marketing efforts, and said he wouldn't let me off with some lame answer. So, I showed him a copy of the checklist.

He told me he knew I had some tool like pilots use to make sure NOTHING IS LEFT OUT OR MISSED! I told him that the pilot analogy is very accurate, since they never get into a plane without going through a similarly comprehensive checklist. And he then said I was a pig for keeping it to myself, and that while I shouldn't give it away…it should be included with training materials people buy from us. Even though I jealously guard this much inside knowledge,

I realized he was right, and that I should share it with really serious minded students who are willing to do what it takes to make it themselves! So…you will get this amazing tool as a free gift when you become a member within 45 days of receiving this book! And, because I was coerced into releasing this info, I reserve the right to pull it at any time. So, if you'd like to have this impossible to calculate the value checklist, don't procrastinate and "think about it" for to long! He or she who hesitates is lost!


OK. I agree. The internet is pretty cool. But…it has been over-hyped a real advertising medium by just about everyone and their brother. To make a long story you already know very short…

99.9% Of Advertising On The Internet Totally Sucks!

Why do I say this? Well, it's because 99.9% of the advertising on-line doesn't bring in more money than it costs INSTANTLY! And if it doesn't do this job, the ONLY job it's supposed to, then by definition…it sucks!

(Wouldn't you say an employee sucked if they didn't do the ONE job they were being paid to do? Well, if it's true for an employee, then it's true for internet advertising!)

But you're in luck! We've been working with internet marketing for years, since 1993 if you can believe that! We have seen and tried everything to do with on-line advertising. And the bad news is that mostly everything touted as being the next greatest thing is a pile of crap. That's the bad news.


The GOOD NEWS is that there are a couple dozen things that actually work for a local business to make a ton of dough on the internet!


In fact, you'll know MORE about internet marketing when you finish going through this guide than all the so-called "internet marketing experts" combined! Finally, you'll know exactly how to spend your money wisely on-line…and know what to NEVER spend money on!

Think about how awesome it will be to outwit all your competition and wipe the floor with their carcasses as you clean up making money on-line!

And now, I suppose you have another question, like: OK, WHAT'S ALL THIS COST?


Take a look, and see how inexpensive it is to become a member of the Instant Profit Marketing family, and how much you will save by joining within the next 45 days!





Plus, if cash is tight, you can take advantage of our installment plan and make just 3 monthly payments of $133 (plus shipping and handling, and any applicable sales tax which will be added to the initial payment)

Plus, as the final reason for you to join our system and become an INSTANT PROFITS member, we back everything we offer with an…

Iron-clad, One Year, No B.S., No Hassle, No Weasel Clause, 100% Of Your Money Back Guarantee!

Yep. To help you make this decision to join up with us a no-brainer, I'm backing up every promise made to you in this report with a one full year, 100%, no B.S. money back guarantee!

Here's the deal. It's as simple as it can get: If you don't think the INSTANT PROFITS membership is worth every penny you paid to join any time in the first year after joining up with us…just pack everything up, send it back, and we'll refund your entire $397 membership fee!

That's it. We don't care why you want to return it, and don't give you any hassles what-so-ever. Just send it back within the first year, and you get your money back! Period. End of story.

A Franchise-Like Opportunity Without The Big, Stiff Fee, Continuing Royalties Or Restrictions!

One of our customers described this as "The franchise of the century". Why? Because his brother-in-law bought a fast food franchise for $100,000.00, invested another $150,000.00 in his location and equipment, has to pay 6% of his gross to the franchiser forever, has all kinds of rules he has to follow, overhead to worry about, employee headaches, and takes home about $85,000.00 a year, net. What he got for his mammoth investment was a training manual, cassettes, a couple days of classes, some ongoing support, and an $80,000 a year "job".

But our customer told us his sales had jumped $193,000.00 in the first year with our System and would increase again, and the training we provided was ten times more complete and precise than what his brother-in-law got! However you want to look at it, our proven, guaranteed, life-changing System is "the bargain of the century"! I hope you will act - NOW - on this opportunity. And, if not now, when? When and how else will you completely transform your business or selling activities for the better?

Here is a summary of my approach:

  1. You will learn how to diversify your client and customer acquisition efforts. You will discover how to get 50 clients or customers with one technique, and how you how to get 1 client or customer with 50 techniques. You will have new sources of clients and customers all the time!

  2. You will learn how to stop wasting money on advertising promotions that are worthless.

  3. You will learn how to focus on methods and media that are proven to work.

  4. You will be able to increase the quantity of new clients and customers.

  5. You will, as well, learn how to increase the quality of new clients and customers.

  6. Be taught how to accurately evaluate the true effectiveness and profitability of each method of obtaining new clients. You can now make "marketing cost management" work for you.

  7. You will learn how to increase the number of referrals from each client/customer and from outside professionals. Referrals are your number one most profitable marketing method. Once your advertising and marketing systems are rolling, the referral machine will kick into gear. That's where all the money is made in any business!

  8. You will learn how to "sell" without ever "selling" anything to anyone! They will BUY from you instead of you having to "sell" things to them! You will never, ever again have to resort to "closing techniques", "objection handling" or any other old school, outdated, pushy sales crapola that never worked, and has no hope of working now-a-days!

  9. You will finally learn how to make money with your advertising, both off-line and on-line! You will NEVER AGAIN WASTE GOOD MONEY AFTER BAD ON USELESS ADVERTISING THAT AT BEST, "GETS YOUR NAME OUT THERE"! From now on, you will experience the most amazing thing in the world... ADVERTISING THAT WORKS RIGHT AWAY, INSTANTLY... BRINGING YOU RIVERS OF CASH FROM ALL THOSE SALES…CREATING THE ONE THING YOU WANT THE MOST - INSTANT PROFITS!!

Well, does this all make sense? I hope so. Before I shut up, I'd like to ask you to do me a favor and take a look at your business. Do you really think you're making as much money as you should, or could be? If that's your problem, then we will show you the answers to getting people to respond to your marketing.

But, in order for this to work, you will have to take the training you've been given about marketing from the geniuses at the advertising agencies, from books you buy at the bookstore or get at college throw it ALL in the garbage. (You probably already knew that).

Remember that these "experts" who are telling you how to market, either never have been on the front lines, self-employed, or, if they ever were, it was so long ago they have zero clue about what it's like out there today. They still teach the tired, boring, no-response, pressure filled, rejection causing advertising and prospecting that has never worked, and will never work. They know as much about marketing as you or I do about how to build a nuclear reactor. They don't understand that:

The Secret To Getting Responses, Is To Promote
What The Prospects Really Want!

Once you know how to do that, ALL YOUR BUSINESS PROBLEMS MELT AWAY!

Getting a 100% customer initiated business is possible, for real, and only a few days away for you...if you take action NOW!

If you are tight on cash, don't forget the installment plan! If you're enrolling within 45 days, and taking advantage of the Good Customer Discount, your total enrollment fee for the Membership, is only $397 (plus shipping/handling).


If any of this makes even the slightest bit of sense to you, and you are serious about creating a business that is profitable, fun, and helps people improve their lives... then why not explore this a little further? Just the fact that you've read this entire report must mean that you want to be not only a survivor... but that you want to win, and win big!

While this is fresh in your mind, please take the time to . . .



Jeff Paul
Instant Profit Marketing, Inc.

P.S. Here's the only BAD NEWS: you're probably going to be laughed at by some of the other salespeople in your office or business owners you hang out with. They'll see "the tip of the iceberg" of what you're doing, and they'll insist that you are crazy. That's because they are so indoctrinated in the old, traditional ways...so invested in the erroneous idea that a high income should come only through egregious amounts of hard, grubby, painful work...that they just will not be able to comprehend what you're doing. My advice; leave 'em alone. Just go about YOUR business. Change your life. Enjoy your business again! Leave 'em in your dust. Don't try to save them. SAVE YOURSELF!!!

P.P.S.: Think about this. How many new customers, clients or accounts do you have to get thanks to this System, to justify the investment in the System? Probably one. Maybe two. A few, at most. Just one of my 101 Secrets can do that. Just one of the Marketing Tools can do that. Most people get returns on investment of FIFTY TIMES, a hundred times, more! DON'T FORGET ABOUT OUR GUARANTEES. We are committed to your success.


































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    "You have given me the tools I need and the answers to a lot of questions I have pondered for what seems like ages. I still have questions, but I know the answers are available. There is not a reason to be skeptical any longer. Thank You!" 
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    "You are the most forthright, down to earth, consistent set of individuals I've ever had the pleasure to be acquainted with...I'm also totally relieved this is on the up and up - I've been burned on this kind of stuff in the past." 
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